downsizing myrtle beach

How can downsizing help seniors age in place?

There’s a newly completed “pocket neighborhood” consisting of eight houses each less than 500 square feet. That’s right, 500 square feet. This is the total living area of seven homes. The last home, at 250 square feet, is a tiny home. The eight “micro-cottage” homes cluster around a common area of.57 acres. These are the first pilot project called “The Cottages on Vaughan”.

My grandparents had lived in their home for 55 years. There were no other options for them to move to a smaller house when they considered downsizing Myrtle Beach. They chose high-rise assisted living, or neighborhoods they didn’t like to live in. They moved an hour and a half away.

Because it was hard for my grandparents to move from their home and all they knew to a place that would “help them age,” I often tell this story. Their experience and my grandparents are part of the inspiration that eventually led to Cottages on Vaughan.

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