Garage Organization and Storage Solutions

The reason you found this article is probably because you are planning a home improvement or garage organization project. If you have too many things, including power tools and you or another family member continues to buy more stuff, and you find that your garage is easily filled with clutter. Does it seem like you’re unable to control it?

Don’t lose hope because there is still something you can do. Make a garage improvement plan that includes organizing everything that you store in your garage. Your garage is not a storage room so you may want to spend time looking through everything inside your garage to actually make room for your car.

Here are some quick and easy home improvement storage solutions that you can implement in your garage:

1. Wall shelves
If you have extra shelves that you have installed in your kitchen, consider installing these on your garage walls as well. Don’t forget to measure how much space you need for your car – including additional space for you to move around your car – before you install the shelves. If you own one car and have a large garage, consider the possibility of having another car in the garage, which could happen when your friends come over and spend the night or the weekend at your house.

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professional organizer

5 Things to Remember When Hiring A Professional Organizer

You may have that one friend who is an example of organization. They seem to live a clutter-free life. It’s something you keep meaning to do but avoid doing. An organizer can help you get organized. Find the right professional organizer for you.

Finding The Best Professional Organizer

Refer to References

Referrals, as with many service professionals, are the best way to get recommendations and information about their work and processes.

Before you hire a professional organizer, or anyone who will visit your home to do a task, get three or more references. You should verify that the professional organizer you are looking to hire is a member of NAPO, which offers extensive training as well as certifications. Although a professional organizer does not need to be a NAPO member in order to do a great job, NAPO members must adhere to certain standards.

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