kitchen organizing

A Step-by-Step Guide To Kitchen Organizing

Are you planning a kitchen organizing project? Here are a few things you need to know.

Kitchen Organizing Tips

1. Clear Out All Your Kitchen Cabinets

All of your kitchen drawers and cabinets should be cleared of all contents. You should start with your food cupboards. Throw away anything that has been unused for six months or more. Next, empty your kitchen belongings onto an island, tabletop, or table.

2. Clean The Cabinets

Make sure to clean out your drawers and cupboards while they are empty. An excellent way to tidy up the empty cupboards is by adding a little Dawn dish soap in a tub of warm water and a sponge. The dish soap will remove any oily residue or sticky residue from the shelves, and leave a clean feeling. Only clean one shelf at a time. Dry the shelves thoroughly after each cleaning.

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