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Daily Home Organizing Tips

Although it is easy to imagine being organized, sometimes it can be difficult to get started. What does it mean to be more organized? It could be knowing exactly where you are, being prepared, and arriving at your destination on time. It all boils down to feeling in control of your life. Although you might not feel organized 100% of the time, it is possible to develop good home organizing habits and establish a solid routine that will help you feel more organized.

10 Daily Home Organizing Tips

Keep your keys and phone in the same spot

Keep your keys, wallets, phones, headphones, and any other accessories that you use every day in one place near the door. You should have a place in your entranceway for these items. This will ensure that you don’t run around looking for your keys or phone when you’re running late for work.

Make a Checklist or Task List

Every day, make a new list based on your previous day’s list. Also, include any items that have come up since the last one was made. Even if your list-making skills are limited and you only keep track of the major projects, you can look at your daily to-do list every day and mark off any tasks that you have completed. This will help you stay on top of your tasks and will make you feel more productive once you’ve completed the item.

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home organizing

Home Organizing Tips: 8 Room Makeover Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and because moms deserve the best – the perfect gift can be tough to shop for. To make things even more tricky, you may not have time to go browsing at the mall or her favorite store. But don’t worry. What if instead of buying something, you embark on a home organizing project? Having an organized space for creative projects, relaxing, or reading is one of the best presents you could give mom this year.

Check out these 8 room makeover ideas and create the perfect retreat for mom this Mother’s Day.

Home Organizing Projects For Mother’s Day

1. Craft Room Makeover

Does the mom in your life love to scrapbook, knit scarves and blankets, or transform vintage yard sale finds into works of art? Fixing up a special spot for her to harness her creativity and tackle crafts may be the perfect Mother’s Day gift. If there’s not already a designated spot in the house for a craft space, find an unused nook or simply set up a small table in a guestroom or home office. You don’t need a ton of space — just room for the essentials. If she already has her own crafting space, organize that messy area as a Mother’s Day surprise.

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