There are few better places than your garage for storage space. The problem with garages is that they are often a mess. Many local families cannot park their cars in their garages because it is so full of their stuff. If this is you, stay put! This article offers great tips on how to declutter and organize your garage.

Declutter: Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Use

Most of the junk in your garage is actually junk. Your son’s bicycle that he has outgrown. Your daughter’s broken toys. The lamp your dog knocked over last Thanksgiving. You can free up lots of garage space by decluttering. It is a good rule of thumb to get rid of junk that you don’t use, need, or want. There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Garage sales are a great way to make extra money. You can sell your unwanted items and make some extra money.
  • Donate gently used items to Goodwill.
  • You can take a truck or a car-load of junk to the local dump.
  • Craigslist will place a “curb alert” for you. Put all of your unwanted items on the curb. We promise that people will take it away almost magically.
  • Don’t give things you don’t need but that still work to your neighbors or friends.
  • Do not toss your spouse’s things

It’s not difficult to organize and declutter your home or just your garage. It is necessary, and it can help you create a garage that you love. It’s a bad idea to get rid of stuff belonging to your spouse. You may think of junk, but what they consider junk may have sentimental or treasure value. Organize or not, don’t throw away or give away anything that belonged to your spouse. It will almost always prevent arguments and hurt feelings.

Shelving can help organize your garage

Have you ever noticed how shelves can help with home organizing? They can also be used in your garage! You can find heavy-duty plastic and metal shelving at your local big-box home center that can withstand a lot of abuse. Even better, shelves allow you to use vertical space instead of floor space. Your garage will be more accessible and you’ll feel more free.

You can make shelves from wood using shelf brackets if you don’t wish to purchase a shelf unit. You can put your items higher up and out of sight. Another option is to hang a single long frame that runs the length of your garage wall. It doesn’t matter what shelving you choose, it will immediately declutter your garage making it easier to organize.

Get rid of clutter and organize your garage with bins

Clear plastic bins are simply amazing. These bins can hold all kinds of stuff and don’t require tape like a box. They can be seen from the top, so it’s easy to find what’s inside. They are also extremely affordable. Clear, plastic bins are often on sale at big-box retailers. It is possible to wait for a sale and stock up.

declutterGet rid of clutter and organize your garage with labels

Labels are a must, no matter what container you use to store your items. This is especially true for colored bins and plain boxes. It’s frustrating to have to go through every container or box to find the right item. This is especially true when you are in a rush. Labels make it easier to locate what you need and keep your garage organized.

Design Garage Space as a Department Store

Did you know that large department stores organize their things into zones? These zones are your grocery zone; an automotive zone and a tool zone. You can find the item you are looking for in all of these zones. It’s a smart idea to organize your garage as a department store. There will be areas for tools and sports equipment. Our favorite is the beach gear area!

Use A Storage Rental Unit

Many families have too much stuff in their garage that it is difficult to move them. Renting a storage unit in your local area might be an option if you are one of these people. This will allow you to store lots of stuff, while organizing your garage or when you’re downsizing. It’s a great idea all around. You can free up valuable garage space by renting a storage unit. A storage unit is ideal for seasonal items such as holiday decorations.

Garbage cans for sports equipment

It can be a mess with sports equipment such as balls, frisbees and bats. It is best to organize them. You can organize them by buying a large garbage can. It is easy to use, inexpensive and keeps your equipment dry so it doesn’t rot.

Once you’re organized, keep it up

After organizing your garage, there’s nothing quite like feeling accomplished. Now it’s time to keep your garage organized. Keep your plan in mind, organize everything neatly, and ensure that the family does the same. To keep your garage in tip-top shape, we recommend organizing it at least twice per year. We also have a blog on how to organize your garage within a budget. You should check it out!

Get organized and start decluttering your garage!

We hope you find this information helpful in getting your garage in tip-top condition. You’ll love all the extra space once you get it organized. All the best with this process, and your amazing garage! Call Brunswick Organizing Solutions if you need the help of a professional organizer.

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