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You need to be realistic when it comes to downsizing your home. You have to know how much available space you have in your new home. This will help you decide who much you’ll be able to use for storage. Create a list of items that you need to keep and begin there. You should be committed in retaining only the most used items so you can save as much space as possible. You always have the option to give out sentimental items or non-essential items to your friends or relatives.

Home organizing experts said, use wall mounted shelves for your special decorative or ornamental items. If you have lots of them but not enough space, your home can easily be filled with these items. To avoid that, you can arrange your personal treasures on a rotating basis over a few months.

Organize your paperwork. It’s very easy to accumulate documents after living in a place for several years. Assign a small spot, perhaps a portable file solution, where you can place your important files, records, and documents. This will help you access important paperwork easily. Don’t forget to add a clear label so that you know where to find the files you need.

Find easy storage. Clear boxes are excellent options since they’re see through. Pick boxes that can be stacked as they are considered to be more efficient. But don’t stack too many because it will make it difficult for you to access the ones placed at the bottom. Consider getting a freestanding shelving unit as these will help divide the space while making it easier for you to access the storage boxes including the ones located below. Boxes that come with an easy to open lids are ideal for senior citizens. Open bins are also excellent options for items that you need to access easily and frequently, and do not need any protection from dust.

Consider the safety. Don’t forget to clear the clutter in the hallways and walkways. Be sure that the items that has to be reached on a regular basis are kept on lower shelves. Add comfortable handrails and step tools that have a wide base. Never leave the cords out in the open. Make sure that they are bundled and stored safely out of the way.

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