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If you’re like most people, your car is a significant investment you always use. You won’t leave it outdoors so it won’t get damaged by tree sap, bird droppings, and UV exposure. Keeping your car in the garage will make sure that it’s kept clean and safe. Here’s our brief DIY guide to garage organizing, cleaning, and storage.

Garage Organizing: Keep It Clean

Professional organizers estimate that only 30% of car owners store their vehicles in a garage. Why? Because there’s just too much stuff in their garage. These ideas will help you get rid of the things that you no longer need.

  • Spend at least one full day or an entire weekend to get this done.
  • Ask your loved ones or your friends to help you out.
  • Go through all the items in your garage and that includes all the boxes that you didn’t unpack when you first moved in.

Sort all your belongings into three piles. One pile for the things you need to get rid off, another for the items you have to sell, and the last one is the pile for the things you want to keep. So what are the things you need to get rid of? These could be broken items that can’t be fixed, outgrown toys, or household chemicals that have already expired. If you find it difficult to let them go then you can take pictures.

Sort the things you need to keep in broad categories such as hand tools or sports equipment. Store them in stackable plastic boxes and label them accordingly. Hold a garage sale right away or donate the remaining items immediately so you can clear off garage and begin your home organizing Wilmington NC.

What are the things that you should not store in your garage?

There are things that you should not keep in your garage:

  • Paint storage – store pain in areas that are more temperate because too much heat or cold can ruin them easily.
  • Propane tanks – keep propane tanks outdoors because a spark can easily ignite fumes.
  • Pet food – keep pet food in a tightly sealed container.
  • Refrigerator – is consumes a huge amount of space in the garage, which is not air conditioned.
  • Paper goods- they can easily attract pets like cockroaches.

Garage Organizing Tips

Create a floor plan for your garage.

Most garage organizing system manufacturers provide free space planning, so be sure to use their services when you’re trying to look for ways to store all of your items in the garage. Before you purchase anything, be sure to take note of the dimensions of your garage and determine the size and the location of receptacles, switches, doors, windows, and how much space your car will consume. Here are a few things you need to follow when you’re assigning things their respective homes.

  • Put all the items you use regularly close together.
  • Place bulky equipment in places where they won’t get knocked or bumped by your car.
  • Place the items you use frequently near the garage door.
  • Keep rarely used or seasonal items in hard to reach areas.

Don’t put items on the floor.

As much as possible, keep things off the floor in your garage after you declutter your garage. This will help you free up more room for your car. It will also help you avoid piles that are impossible or difficult to sort through.

Invest in good storage products for garages.

You must purchase certain storage items for your garage. This must include clear jars in different sizes, stackable plastic boxes, a lockable cabinet, and a portable label maker.

Choose open shelves.

Shelves are far less expensive and much easier to access if you can easily scan the things that you have stored. Cabinets with doors can provide you with an excuse not to organize your things because you can easily hide your mess.


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