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The term home staging wasn’t that common back in the 1990s. People knew that a house must look its best first before it’s put on the market. However, homeowners associated this with washing dirty dishes, tidying up the closet, and the like.

Home staging has evolved over the past 30 years. Thanks to the help of professional organizers, it has become a highly sought after service, especially within the real estate industry. Below are some tips on how to stage your home’s living room. In case you can’t do these things on your own, you always have the option to hire a home stager.

Living Room Home Staging Basics

Paint Your Living Room

You might think that repainting your house before you move is a tiring job. But if the color of the walls is other than light and neutral, you seriously have to reconsider. Neutrals can make any room look brighter and cleaner, not to mention, that it’s almost always preferred by home buyers.

Always remember that when you sell your home, it will no longer be about what you want. It is going to be about the buyers. If you want to sell your house right away at your preferred price, it needs to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible and one of the best ways to do it is by choosing neutral colors. Additionally, adding a fresh coat of paint to your home makes it look cleaner, which is vital when it comes to home staging.

Declutter Your Living Room

Another crucial home staging preparation tip is to declutter and minimize the number of furniture you have at home. Make sure there are no signs of your personal mementoes and photos. You should consider getting rid of smaller furniture pieces and clearing off bookshelves, and tables.

Any potential homebuyer who walks in your front door must be able to imagine their own things in the space and that could be difficult to do if your own possessions are still filling it. So, even if it is difficult, you should get rid of any evidence of you and your loved ones from the house. Additionally, the fewer the items that are in the living room, the cleaner and bigger it will appear, which is what you want.


Once you have taken out most of the smaller things from the room, you could leave the large pieces for home staging in Myrtle Beach. What’s important is that you create a discussion area. In many instances, these include a chair, coffee table, and sofa. If you have a mantle or any natural focal point, be sure to arrange the seats around it.

Maximize the Windows

Don’t forget to play up the windows. Never hide them behind heavy curtains or drapes. Only install streamlined and simple window treatments and don’t forget to pay attention to the amount of light that’s coming in. Even if there is no view, it’s still better to show off the window instead of concealing it behind curtains.

Home Repairs 

Fix anything that needs fixing, especially the ones that can easily be repaired. A loose doorknob, a squeaky floorboard or perhaps a wonky curtain rod, are the things that you can easily repair but can potentially put off any potential buyer.

If there’s something off, it tells the buyers that the home might not be in good condition. Everything in and out of your home should look perfect and in tip-top shape.

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