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Home organizing may come naturally to some. But for others, keeping their home clutter-free and tidy is more difficult than it seems. So, here’s some home organizing tips from professional organizers that you may find useful.

Professional Organizers Reveal Secrets To Staying Organized

Take Everything Off

Let’s say you’re trying to organize your bathroom cabinet. It’s most likely filled with dental products, lotions, and cleaners. You’d think that you can simply move and group them together, just like what you used to do. No, that’s not what you should do. Always remember that the first step when it comes to home organizing is to take everything out of the drawers or off the shelves. Doing so may seem difficult for some simply because they don’t want to face the things that may be hiding in the back of their closets or cabinets. But when you can see everything, you will have a good idea of your stuff and you’ll be able to determine which ones no longer serve you.

Take Out The Packaging

You may not be doing this at home but it’s one tip that’s worth trying when you are trying to organize your home. Take the toilet paper or paper towels out of their packaging. They’re now ready to use and they look much better once you line them up.

Determine Your Organization Style

Let’s say you want to organize your bookshelf. Once you take off your books off the shelf, you can start to organize them by topic, author, color, or by the books that you have not read yet. It’s your choice. There’s no such thing as a one size fits all solution. Find a way for your space to work for you.

Work As Fast As You Can

Taking things off your closet can take an entire day if you allow it. Take all your things off your cabinets or out of their packaging and group them as fast as you can. This will make sure that you have enough energy and time left to complete the task.

Your Miscellaneous Pile Is Most Likely Trash

In case you find some times that do not fit in any category, and they appear to be piling up, then you have to check them again. Decide how you want to deal with them. You can throw them away, sell or donate to people who need them the most.

Measure Before Buying Storage Items

It may be tempting to purchase cute containers that you believe will look good in your kitchen. But this is one common mistake that you need to avoid. You may end up having a lot of cut storage containers that won’t help you maximize your space. You should get the exact measurements first before you make a purchase and make sure you choose things that serve a purpose.

Label Your Baskets

You can hide a lot of things in your basket. To avoid having to take everything out of the basket, you can label them instead. This why you’ll know what each basket contains and you know where to find what you’re looking for.

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