Relocating an aging loved one could help make sure that they’re living in a safe home environment, they’re closer to family, and can live a healthier and more active lifestyle. Whether your parent is moving to an assisted living community or perhaps you need help with senior downsizing, or to your home, there are things you can do to make the transition smoother, simpler, and organized.

Planning For The Organized Move Of An Aging Loved One

  1. Assign Moving Responsibilities

Most seniors have spent most of their lives gathering meaningful things. If your aging loved one is downsizing, they will eventually have to leave some of their things behind.

Begin small – Ask your loved one to begin with a room that doesn’t have that much sentimental value such as a guest suit or bathroom. They’ll ease into the process of downsizing with a feeling of accomplishment.

Help them make tough decisions – If your aging loved one has been in their home for several years, even non-essential things may seem like it’s important. You should offer to help in sorting out the items into what they can keep and what they can give away. Just make sure to give your suggestions in a gentle manner.

Gift to friends and family – It is much easier to give items away if you know they’re going to a good home. If your aging loved on is giving away a prized possession, make sure it goes to a friend or a family member who will take good care of it.

  1. Consider Using Senior Relocation Services

Seeking the help of a moving company if you can’t be with your loved one as they prepare for the move. Companies such as Brunswick Organizing Solutions specialize in organizing, downsizing, and relocating seniors.

Hire a professional organizer – An expert can help simplify moving’s emotional aspect. Even if you can help with the transition of your aging loved one, an expert can help make those tough decisions and reduce the odds of fighting among family.

Find a moving company that specializes in seniors -Work with a professional and reliable company that focuses on seniors.

Seek Help For After The Move – Most senior moving companies work with experts who can assist in the after move processes.

  1. Plan The Moving Transportation With Your Loved One’s Needs In Mind

Some seniors cannot endure a long roadtrip without stops or assistance. Some may even need full service medical transport. You need to plan the moving transportation ahead of time.

Expect additional travel time – An estimated drive of 8 hours may extend for a few more because of multiple stops. Make sure to ask your loved one regularly if he or she needs to make a pit stop or to stretch their legs especially if it’s a long ride.

Think about mobility – Consider booking nonstop flights if your loved one has mobility issues. Call the airline ahead of time and ask about special seating accommodations or boarding assistance.

Add security for non-emergency medial transit – if your aging loved one needs additional help, you have to check out companies that offer non-medical transit that’s made for people with special needs such as wheelchairs and oxygen tanks.

  1. Take Care of Health Care Ahead of Time

Your loved one will surely need the assistance of new health professionals in his or her new home. Make sure to perform your research ahead of time and get referrals from their doctors. You have to set appointments as soon as possible so you can avoid long waiting lists after their arrival.

Find a care manager, transfer prescriptions, and call insurance providers in advance. You have to make sure that your aging loved one are covered by their insurance plan in their new location.

  1. Make the New Place Feel Like Home

Make the transition as comforting as possible by arranging your loved ones belongings in a familiar manner. It will make the new place feel like home to them. Arrange the photos in the same order as in the previous home, display trinkets in a familiar order, or place pots and pans in spots that will make them easy to find.

Call Brunswick Organizing Solutions now and let us help you prepare for the upcoming move of your aging loved one.

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