senior downsizing

Are your parents moving in with you, into an assisted living facility or perhaps into a smaller home or apartment? Whatever the situation is and wherever they plan to relocate, it’s likely that they’re moving to a smaller space. If that’s the case then they have to downsize. For some, senior downsizing may sound negative, but it actually offers several benefits like having a simpler life, getting documents and other paperwork in proper order, and the chance to see the next generation to enjoy the heirlooms.

Even if your parents are willing and ready to downsize, senior relocating and downsizing can be an overwhelming experience. Here are some downsizing tips from professional organizers.

Senior Downsizing Tips

Remove The Garbage

Downsizing just like any kind of home organizing can be considered as a series of passes. It’s easiest to begin with what they call as the low hanging fruit. It is the stuff that do not have emotional attachments, most likely isn’t good enough to be sent to the thrift store. Get a garbage bag and go for someplace simple like the linen closet, the pantry or the junk drawer in your kitchen where you’ll find lots of items that are expired. Depending on how big is the new home of your parents, you should get a dumpster, if zoning laws in your place allows it.

Determine What You Want To Take

Now that you have eliminated the garbage, the next thing that your parents have to do is to determine which items they want to keep. When they’re choosing which ones to bring, they should not think about cramming things in their new home. They should choose the things that will make their home feel comfortable and look lovely.

Give Away The Good Stuff

The third step is deciding which heirlooms to give away. Your parents will love to see their beloved items used by the next generation. However, there are instances when the parents and the kids have different tastes. Tell your parents to offer the heirlooms to their kids first and then to their grandkids and then to their friends or other relatives who may enjoy having the antique added to their desks. Tell them that it’s ok if nobody wants their stuff.

Sell Decent Items

If your parents have a lot of nice things that they can’t or won’t keep, you can tell them to sell those valuables at the thrift store. You may also help them organize a garage sale. This way, they don’t just get rid of the items they don’t want to bring to their new home but they can also earn money along the way.

Donate The Rest

If your parents don’t want to have a garage sale or bring their items to the thrift store, they may love the idea of donating them instead.


Call now and let our team of professional organizers help you and your parents make the senior downsizing and relocating process fun, convenient, and hassle-free.


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