A lot of people are hiring professional organizers. You’ve probably heard some of your colleagues, friends, or neighbors mention it to you. If you are wondering how these experts can help you, then read the guide below.

What’s the job of a professional organizer?

The job of a professional organizer is diverse. Some offer services for a specific group of client like individuals with hoarding problems or the elderly. Other home organizers specialize in downsizing, home office organization, or paper management.

A professional organizer can do a lot of things for you. Some of the most common ones are as follows:

Hands-On Organizing

A professional organizer or a team of organizers will come to your office or home to help you organizer your place and then recommend the best and most effective organizing methods and tools for your unique challenges. This can last from a few hours to several weeks depending on the amount of clutter, size of the area, and how fast you can make decisions.

Home Maintenance

Don’t mistake professional organizers as handymen. They don’t repair your home but they can help come up with efficient systems for organizing your home. Home maintenance may include cleaning out your kitchen pantry every year or helping redesign your storage areas or garage. Professional organizers will communicate your unique needs with the rest of your family members to reduce friction and streamline communication.

Time Management

Time is gold, as what people say. Effective time management requires proper prioritization, which could be very challenging to do when you’re alone. If you are overwhelmed and stressed, you’ll think that everything is important. A home organizing expert can assist you and your loved ones in assessing which activities must be done first and which ones need to be eliminated.

Moving, Relocating, and Downsizing

If you have moved before, you know how difficult and stressful the entire experience can be. You’ll find professional organizers who specialize in moving and relocating. They manage everything from finding a reliable moving company and packing your belongings to unpacking and organizing your things in your new home.

What are the things that professional organizers don’t do?

There are many things a professional organizer can do but there are things that they don’t do as well. Here are a few things they don’t do.

  1. Professional organizers don’t clean your home. Their job is to help organize and declutter your home.
  2. Professional organizers won’t force their services on people who don’t want their help. There are cases when a family member seeks out the assistance of a professional organizer for a loved one. But if that other person isn’t ready to get some help, the professional organizer won’t force them.

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