professional organizer

A professional organizer is a diverse expert, both in personal and professional backgrounds and in the services they can provide you.

A few organizers work only for a specific group of clients such as those with hoarding problems or the elderly. Others specialize in certain areas of organizing such as downsizing, office organizing, and paper management.

Although the list of the things that a professional organizer can do for you is a long one, here are some of the most common services that home organizing Myrtle Beach SC experts offer.

Professional Organizer Offers Hands-on Services

A professional residential organizer will go to your house, work with you in organizing your home, and recommend the best organizing methods and tools for your specific challenges. The time to be spent could range anywhere from a couple of hours to several weeks, based on the size of the area, the amount of clutter, as well as your ability to make the right decision.

Home Maintenance

Don’t mistake a residential or commercial organizer as a handyman, because they’re not. But, home organizers could help make organizing systems for organized houses. Home maintenance could include a yearly clean-out of your kitchen or assistance with redesigning your garage or storage areas. Professional organizers could communicate your needs with your other family members to reduce friction and streamline communication.

Time Management

Time is gold and it’s a finite resource. You only get so much and then before you know it, it’s already gone. Time management needs prioritization, which could be very challenging to do on your own. If you’re overwhelmed and stressed, everything appears important. A professional organizer could help you and your loved ones evaluate what activities must be done first and what could be eliminated.

Downsizing, Relocating and Moving

Anybody who has moved knows that it’s an extremely difficult task. It is stressful and time-consuming, especially if you’re moving with your whole family. You will find professional organizers who focus on helping clients who need to move or relocate. They will help you manage everything from finding packing to unpacking, to organizing all of your household belongings.

What professional organizers don’t do?

There are several things that a professional organizer cannot and won’t do and the reasons differ ranging from safety to insurance. You should first check what professional organizers can help or cannot help you with.

Professional organizers are not your household cleaners. They may provide hands-on organizing but their main job is to help you organize the clutter in your home and not to clean your house.

Professional organizers won’t force their services on somebody who doesn’t want any help. In some cases, a family member of a person who is having problems with clutter will contact a professional organizer. If that person is not yet ready to get help or perhaps just doesn’t want to have any, the organizer can’t do anything about that.

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