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What are the best times to hire a professional organizer? When should you hire a professional organizer? Do all people need professional organizers to get organized? No. However, one can help. Many cases are yes.

Why you should hire a professional organizer

Time management is difficult

The best thing about hiring an organizer professional is that they will hold you accountable for making decluttering and organization a priority.

It is easy to ignore decluttering, and not make it a priority if it is already on your to-do list. It’s much more difficult to ignore when someone is paying you to do it.

You tend to be more invested in a goal if you spend money on it. You will be able to progress with your project faster if you have someone to help you.

Motivated, but overwhelmed

A professional organizer may be able to help you if you feel overwhelmed or motivated when you declutter. Professional organizers can act as coaches to help you stay on track.

They should be able break down the potentially overwhelming task into manageable pieces. They will help you to stay focused on the task at-hand. With the right guidance, direction, or assistance, your job will feel much easier.


A professional organizer can help you make decisions if you are having difficulty making them especially when you downsize. Although you cannot rely on an organizer to make your decisions, they should be able ask good questions to assist you in making them.

They can also challenge you if you keep things that you don’t need. People with difficulty making decisions often have trouble thinking straight and will exhaust themselves by asking the same questions repeatedly.

It can be extremely helpful to have an outsider’s view throughout the organizing Myrtle Beach SC process.

Why you shouldn’t hire a professional 

Focused, self-motivated and focused

A lot of people don’t need to be trained at the gym. They will show up at their scheduled time and do it themselves. Professional organizers may not be necessary for them if they have the same discipline and motivation when maintaining their home.

Rare people are able stay motivated and focused even without outside help.

It is not easy to be overwhelmed

You may be able to divide large projects into smaller tasks and keep on track. This will allow you to do it yourself in organizing your home.

Decisive and organized

You know what you love and what you don’t. You know what is sufficient and what is too much. You’re organized and have no problem finding functional and sustainable storage solutions.

Consider these things when hiring a professional organizer

Referrals are a great way of finding a professional organizer. To find out if you have similar visions and personalities, schedule a consultation or send an email. Before you sign a contract or start work, ask questions.

Here are some things to watch out for

  • Claims of a “magic” storage system
  • You are not part of the process, but you do the work.
  • Not decluttering before organizing
  • Storage solutions that are magical

I’m a member of several professional organizer Facebook groups. It’s eye-opening to observe the conversations taking place in these groups. A few posts were made by organizers about not revealing their secrets to clients.

My experience has taught me that there shouldn’t be any secrets or magic systems. I don’t want to share anything with my clients. The organizer’s role is to cheer them on and guide them through the process.

I would be suspicious of anyone who claims to be selling any magical or secret items (except beans…those are certain legit).

Anything that seems too universal is not something I will avoid. It is impossible to design a system that works for everyone, as each person and household is different.

You do the work.

Hire someone to organize your home and do the decluttering and organizing without you being present. This can be tempting for busy people or those who feel overwhelmed by their home. This will not solve any problems long-term, and it will most likely lead to new challenges.

How can someone else enter your home and tell you what is important and what isn’t? Every person’s definition of clutter is different. Professional organizers could get rid of things that are meaningful or useful to them and not even realize it, because their standards may be different from yours.

The client must feel the pain of making purchases to stop clutter from returning. Face reality to stop clutter from returning.

Clients learn what happens when they accumulate too many items or keep things from the past that are no longer useful. You’re more likely to continue the cycle if a magical organizing fairy comes in and takes everything out.

Recognizing our past mistakes can help us become more mindful consumers, who are more careful about what we bring into the home.

You won’t be able to find anything if an organizer has done the organizing without your permission. It could be disorienting and confusing, as the organizer may have a different way of seeing what is important.

It is important to work in a team. You can communicate with the organizer your ideas and create a system that works for you.

Other options

You should also consider whether hiring a professional organizer is within your budget. An hourly rate for professional organizers is anywhere from $55 to $100. Don’t worry if this is too much for you. There are other options.

Are you able to work with a friend, family member, or colleague? Find someone who can be a good partner with you.

It is unlikely that you will be able to work well together if you are both overwhelmed and indecisive. To get the most from the experience, the friend or family member must be open with you.

Another option is to find an accountability partner or group. A friend or small group can help you if you’re competitive. This can make the process easier and more enjoyable.

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