Aging brings new challenges for most people and that includes downsizing. You may have to deal with new health issues, financial difficulties and adult children moving away from your home.

Some people move every few decades, others more often. Others stay put for many years. Many people will need to move in their old age.

Relocating can be difficult, but moving as a senior can present its own challenges. Moving into assisted living or memory care facilities for your declining health will make it more difficult. Your home might contain a lifetime’s worth of possessions. Moving can also be costly if you are under financial pressure.

There are many things you can do to make your move easier, which includes decluttering. It is possible to reduce stress by knowing when you need to move, making the right decisions abo ut whether a family member will move in with your family, and planning ahead for the new home. Learn more about senior moving and downsizing to make the right decision for you and your family.

Signs it’s time for downsizing

You may have felt that your home was too small over the years. You may have longed to move to a bigger space, despite the fact that your closets were too small and the cabinets too many. As a senior, you might find that your once-small home is not enough space.

However, you may feel unsure if downsizing is right for you.

It’s time for seniors to think about moving if they have any safety concerns or physical limitations, such as inability to climb stairs. There are other indicators seniors should consider downsizing, however.

There are still unused rooms

A professional organizer like Brunswick Organizing Solutions says that if you have rooms that you don’t use, or never enter, it is an indication it’s time for you to downsize. It’s great to have a little extra room for holiday decorations and trinkets. However, a large house that has multiple bedrooms is more than just having a closet or cubby.

All that unused space means you have to pay to heat or cool it, and also pay taxes and clean it up. This can lead to a lot of wasted resources.

Too much maintenance work

It shouldn’t be difficult to maintain the home. While it’s not realistic to expect you to enjoy tasks such as mowing the lawn and painting the fence, there are some things that can be enjoyable. If these or similar tasks are becoming too difficult, you might consider other options that require less maintenance.

Professional organizers also said that paying for assistance like senior relocation services to complete the tasks could be a sign it is time to move to a smaller space.

You are too far away from your family

Are you unable to attend as many grandkids’ dance recitals or soccer games as you would like? Novak suggests that you downsize if you feel lonely in your home, too far from your family or help, or all of your friends have moved on.

Your home is cluttered

Experts suggests that you may have too many gadgets and gizmos if you are constantly looking for them. Novak says it’s tempting not to let go of any memorabilia, or to fill all the corners of large homes with stuff to make it feel more open.

But too many odds and ends can be a sign that you have too much space. Professionals says that downsizing will make it easier to prioritize what you really need.

Your home’s value has increased

It’s possible that your home’s worth has increased to the point where it is more profitable to sell it than to keep it. Pros recommend consulting at least three realtors for a market analysis that will examine both your buying and selling power to help you with your senior relocation Brunswick NC.

What to look for in a new home

After you have made the decision to downsize you need to consider safety, convenience, and whether you will be able to care for your loved ones in the future. Don’t forget to hire moving help to make the experience less stressful.

Call Brunswick Organizing Solutions if you need professional help in decluttering, downsizing, or senior relocation.

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