If your parent or loved one lived a long and full life, it is likely that they have many years worth of possessions. As we get older, things that hold sentimental or memories are kept. This can lead to clutter in our homes. There are many reasons why you should start cleaning out your loved one’s house right away. We have narrowed down the list to seven of the most important. You can make your loved one’s home safer and more comfortable. It will also help you to reduce stress in the future. Continue reading for more tips and tricks on how to declutter.

Declutter Tips to Remember

Accept the Sentimental

Your loved one’s home is full of memories and sentimental objects, as we have already mentioned. You can make cleaning a time for you two and share the joy of the memories that you create while you clean. You will be closer to your loved ones and make new memories, while also reminiscing about the past. You may even discover things you didn’t know about them!

Reduce your risk

As they age, your loved one will experience slower movement and more difficulty navigating their home. If they are using a cane or walker, clutter and excessive belongings can make their home feel cramped and potentially dangerous. Reduced clutter in their home can reduce the chance of them falling, which can lead to injuries or further limit their mobility. It can also pose a danger to their mobility in the event that there is a fire. It can spread fires and slow down rescue efforts. It is important to get rid of clutter blocking doors and hallways in order to make your home safer for your loved ones. That’s why senior downsizing Brunswick NC is important.

Find items easily

According to studies, we spend approximately two-and-a-half days per year searching for lost belongings. It can be extremely frustrating to lose something you thought you knew was there. Losing items can be very frustrating for someone with memory impairment. You can help them reduce the likelihood of them losing items or the time it takes for them to find them.

Make your home sellable

There are many reasons why you might want to sell your home. A Myrtle Beach professional organizer can help. Perhaps they are moving in to your home to help you. You might also consider letting them downsize to move into a senior community with on-site healthcare. They may decide to downsize if they can no longer live independently.

It doesn’t matter why you are moving, clearing out clutter is essential to ensure that your home sells quickly and at the asking price. Homes that aren’t cluttered sell faster and fetch more money than homes that are. Studies show that staging homes can sell 88% faster, and for 20% more than those without clutter.

Psychological benefits

People who are exposed to clutter can experience negative psychological effects. Research shows that clutter can increase stimuli which can make it harder to relax mentally and psychically. It can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed, and worsen your anxiety or depression. It can make someone feel ashamed and cause them to want to be alone. They may feel embarrassed and helpless by clutter, which can make it less likely that they invite others over.

Spend less and donate to charity

Donating is an option that can be used for many reasons. It reduces waste and prevents a lot good-quality items from ending up at a landfill. You can make sure that your items go to shelters, non-profits, and places like Goodwill. These organizations use the proceeds from your items for job training opportunities for underserved populations. It is easier to convince your loved one that they are donating items than to throw them out. It is a great way to reduce clutter and feel good about giving back to your community. You can also get a tax deduction for donating items that you have brought to the charity of your choice as a reward for helping your community.

Improve air quality

Your home’s air quality is greatly affected by clutter. Your loved one may be suffering from asthma or allergies. If you don’t use things, they can collect allergens such as dust mites and pet dander. It can be difficult to clean your home if you have too many things, especially as you get older. These allergens can be found in your closets, upholstery and carpets as well as bedding and carpets. It will make their home more comfortable and easier to maintain and clean.

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