Home Organizing Tips for an Easier Move

The thought that you’ll finally be moving to your new home can be very exciting. However, if you think about all the preparations you need to make for the big move can make any collected and calm individual anxious and frazzled. There’s no need for you to dread the actual moving day. There are things you can do to make moving more exciting and hassle-free. Not to mention, you can always hire moving help for a more convenient move.

Moving Tips: Organizing Your Home

Prepare Early

It is better to declutter and pack early and not a few days before the move. If you do the latter, you’ll only make it harder on yourself and your loved ones. It’s best to prepare in phases. Four weeks before packing, you should begin the purging process, getting rid of the items that you don’t want to bring to your new home. But you should not pack your house too early either. You don’t want to live in a home that is filled with boxes. Once you are done with the purging process then you can start packing at least seven days before the move.


Whether you have lived in your current home for a few months or for twenty years, you may have accumulated several things that you no longer want, need, or use. So it’s best not to bring all the extra items into your new home where they will most likely just pile up. Don’t leave any stone unturned and make sure to move from one room to another. Pack all the keepers and toss or donate the rest.

Organize Your Current Home

You may believe that organizing your house will be a waste of time because you are going to leave very soon. However, it may actually save you a lot of precious time. For example, you can put all the things under the kitchen sink in a bin or put your bathroom items into a drawer insert.

Pack Per Room

Packing by room makes everything streamlined and it will make the unpacking process much easier. It is the simplest way to keep your things organized throughout the whole moving process. Each box should contain things from one room. Even if the box has extra space, you should avoid adding more items from a different room.

Don’t Forget The Labels

You should keep track of all your things so you don’t move to your new house and realize that you cannot find something and you need to open all of the boxes just so you can find that single item. Always label. They will be your best friend during the move. Label all of the contents of every box and add a box number, and make sure to keep a checklist for easy reference.

Take Everything In

Moving can be physically and emotionally tiring. So be sure to have enough time to breathe and think about moving day. You should enjoy the milestone moment since half the work is done and the hardest phase is finally over. What you should do now is set up your new house and celebrate this fresh start.

Create Organizing Goals

This is the time to start fresh. Do you wish to have a linen closet that is spacious enough to hold your folded towels and blankets? Determine what is important to you so you can make sure that your new house incorporates all the things that you want right from the very beginning.

Have A Time Frame For Unpacking

Get started right away but work at your own speed. Set realistic goals and make sure that you hold yourself accountable. Create a limit that will help you remain focused and motivated.

Come Up With An Organizing Plan

Once you have unpacked and the boxes are out, you can now start to come up with a home organizing approach. Take dimensions of the area you wish to organize and never forget to reference all your priorities. Pay attention to the depth, width, and height so that you can shop for product supplies and make full use of every inch. Purchase a few different options that you can experiment with, as well as additional quantities just in case they are necessary. If there are any leftovers then you always have the option to return them or you can use them for other purposes.

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