Home Organizing: Dealing With Being Disorganized

There are many reasons for your disorganization including perfectionism, lack of skills, our beliefs and indecision, as well as mental health and brain-related conditions. When you understand the reason for being unorganized, it can help increase your ability to become more organized (and stay that way!). Here are some home organizing tips you need to know.

Signs that a person is disorganized

You may have sweaty palms while you read this list. But you will soon realize that reading this will help you become a more organized person.

  • It is common to be late for appointments.
  • You can’t find your things when you need them.
  • Surprise deadlines always come up for you.
  • You make a lot of money, but there isn’t enough money.
  • It is easy to run out of household supplies just when you need them.
  • Your communication is disrupting your life. Your phone storage is full and your computer files are all over the place (and everywhere!). You are often misunderstood.

This one might surprise you…

  • You are not willing to take a chance. It can be difficult to add more uncertainty and spontaneity to your life when all your ducks aren’t in a row.

Do all these sound familiar? We’ll look at the reasons why it’s important to be more organized.

Why is home organizing important?

We feel calmer and more productive when our homes and brains are clear of clutter. You are able to communicate with others and have more fun, spontaneity and less anxiety.

Positive feelings can have a positive effect on the lives of others. Are you ready to find out the reason you are so disorganized? You’ll also get some practical tips to fix it!

Here are five reasons why you might be so disorganized (and how to fix it!)

1. Your beliefs

You hold beliefs about the material objects you own that make it difficult or impossible to let go of people, ideas, and things from the past. A cluttered brain or home can make it difficult to be productive.

It makes it hard to be organized, and can hinder your ability to concentrate and be productive. Professional organizers say that focusing on multiple stimuli can make it harder for you to focus.


Follow Mari Kondo. It is a method that helps you organize your thoughts and makes you more productive. If you are looking for an easy solution to clutter your home and your life, this is it!

2. Procrastination

Procrastination is when you delay starting or finishing tasks. Procrastination can be caused by many factors, such as fear of the unknown, indecision, feeling overwhelmed, not knowing how to start, having difficulty focusing on the right tasks, and being distracted.


Make a list of all the tasks you have to complete. To prioritize the most important and urgent tasks, use Eisenhower’s principle of urgency/important to organize your time. You can still get some exercise, even if your schedule is crammed full.

The mental benefits of exercising will surprise you. You deserve a reward for completing a task. Why not reward yourself with some’me-time’? Adults also need to be rewarded with incentives.

3. Perfectionism

It is unrealistic to expect that everything will always be perfect. Perfectionism can be caused by many factors, including fear of rejection from others and feelings of insecurity or inadequacy.


Although there’s no quick solution, it’s worth reminding yourself that ‘being present’ is better than ‘perfect’. Learn how to reduce brain clutter and curb perfectionist tendencies.

4. Focus is lacking

Inability to focus is one of the main reasons you are so chaotic. It’s difficult to stay focused and organized when you’re distracted, don’t know your priorities, and don’t have a system to manage brain clutter.

Friends and family often ask me how I stay focused on my goals and get everything done. My secret to focusing is streamlining, systemizing, and automating. This simple process can help you to focus and accomplish more in your life.


Brain dump your to-do lists before you start. This will increase productivity and help you stay focused. Your daily to-do list can be added to the list section in an app such as Life Sorted.

The Pomodoro method can be used during work hours. You can use the Pomodoro technique to manage your time and increase productivity. It breaks down 25-minute periods into short or long breaks.

As a Chrome extension, you can use the Marinara Pomodoro Assistant, also known as a tomato-timer to your browser. Coffitivity offers a fun way to have some fun while working. It makes the atmosphere sounds like a coffee shop and helps you focus.

5. Indecisiveness

Indecisiveness is one of the leading causes of disorganization. Being organized means taking action, and decision-making is key. Sometimes, disorganization is often due to delayed decision-making.

How do you decide what priorities you should set and which tasks to take care of first? Remember that not all things are important, and they can’t be done simultaneously. Remember that you are only human!


You need to change your attitude about the word “priority”, which means “one thing”. We invented the term priorities to describe complicated things. You can’t have too many priorities, because that’s not what the word means.

A simple framework such as the 4-D Framework for combating brain clutter can help you decide whether to DO, DELEGATE or DEFER the task. This will allow you to prioritize the important and urgent tasks so that you are more decisive and can take action quicker.


A disorganized mind can be paralyzing. When we know why we are disorganized, it becomes so much easier to fix it. Life is short – it’s so important that we are living our best life that is as streamlined and as stress-free as possible. You can do this by working on improving some habits that keep us disorganized and stuck so that you can spend more time doing the things you are passionate about with the people that you love.

Sometimes you need help getting organized. Is it time to stop procrastinating? Call Brunswick Organizing Solutions for help decluttering your home. You will have peace of mind knowing your living space is free of clutter and so will your mind.

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