Office Organizing Tips

Long-term planning is key to success. Daily action is the key. Office organizing is essential to managing your time and helping you achieve your goals.

These eight office organization tips will help you achieve your long-term work goals.

1. Keep your eyes on the important things

Keep in mind your long-term goals, and make changes if necessary. To reach your goals, set daily priorities. Keep family photos and inspirational pictures close by.

2. Make lists

You should make a list of important tasks that you need to do every day, week, or month. Each day, review your priorities.

3. Time management is a must

To focus on tasks that require extra concentration, schedule quiet time at work. You should do your most difficult work when you have the most energy. Save less challenging work for later. Focus on the feeling of accomplishment when you finish the job. Plan your day by using commute time.

4. Use planners and calendars

To avoid conflict, review your work calendar every day. Instead of relying on your memory, write down all commitments in pencil. To plan long-term projects, use planning and scheduling software.

5. Delegate tasks

If the task is beyond your expertise, assign it to someone else. Give feedback and training on the assigned projects.

6. Take control of your mail and phone calls

Sort inbound mail by priority or action. Voice mail can be used to screen calls.

7. Declutter

You should declutter your workspace. Only keep the most important items that you use daily on your desk. Keep the resource materials that you don’t use often. Duplicate materials that are soon obsolete should be thrown out. For growth, leave blank spaces on the bookshelves.

>8. Stay organized

Organize your files according to priority and make sure you have the most important documents within reach. Clear your desk for 15 minutes each night and plan your next day’s activities for the morning.

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