Ultimate Guide to Home Organizing

You need to organize your house if it is messy. However, knowing what to do is one thing. If you don’t know how to start with home organizing, it can be difficult to move forward when you are overwhelmed by clutter.

Professional organizers say that the path forward is not so difficult. All you have to do is ask a few questions and then create a plan. Ask yourself these questions: What room do you feel most embarrassed to show family or friends? What room in your house do you identify as chaotic, overwhelming, or disaster?

Once you’ve identified what is most overwhelming, create a game plan. Setting a goal is key to completing any home organizing task successfully. Fill in the following sentence: “By _____ date, I will _____, so that I could _____.” Next, think about logistical questions like how you plan on achieving your goal and when it can be achieved.

We can help you get started if you have any questions. Professional organizers were asked how they would organize each room in your house. Their tips are well worth the effort.

Kitchen organizing

The heart of a home is the kitchen. This is the best place to begin because we spend so much time in the kitchen, eating snacks and then sitting down to eat together. Kitchen organizing is a must.


Do a thorough edit before you begin to organize your house. Take everything out, shelf by shelf or drawer to drawer. Donate any duplicates or toss out items that are no longer needed.

Getting rid of any items that aren’t able to fit in your cabinets and drawers while decluttering. Getting rid of the potato masher that doesn’t seem to return in the right place. Invest in one that fits easily in your drawer.

Use sticky notes to plan your space.

Once you are clear about what you have, it is time to organize it. Keep your planning flexible. Use sticky notes to mark out your kitchen drawers and cabinets before you move things around. This will help you save time as well as effort.

Use drawer dividers to tidy up.

Business Organizing Solutions suggests that drawer dividers can be used to organize items. These dividers can be used to organize everything from dish towels to utensils. They look great and are very functional. Drawer dividers and organizers can be a key part of organizing kitchen drawers.

Keep your most important items on low, easily-accessible shelves. Avoid overloading shelves. Leave enough room so you can grab items and place them away with ease

Mix and match your storage solutions.

You’ll likely need several storage options to organize your kitchen. Business Organizing Solutions suggests rolling bins and roll-out drawers for under the kitchen sink. These will allow you to make the most of the space below your sink, including the space at the back.

Living Room Organizing

Living rooms are a central point of any home. You can make it look neat and tidy with just a few living room organizing tips.

Clear Your Coffee Table

The coffee table is the centerpiece of any living space. Keep your coffee table clean. Keep your coffee table free of paper, remotes, and other clutter. You can decorate your coffee table with fresh flowers and a few coffee book covers if you’re looking to elevate it to the next level.

Keep remotes where they belong

There are few things more frustrating than watching the TV and realizing you don’t have your remote. Give your remote a place to call home and make sure it stays there. Put away your remote each night before going to bed in order to keep your living space tidy.

Clean up dirty dishes

Are dirty dishes accumulating in your living space? Place them right where they belong.

Fluff your Pillows and Fold Your Blankets

Follow a one-minute routine every night before going to bed. Your future self will be grateful for your efforts. You will wake up to an organized, calm living room.

Bedroom Organizing

Your bedroom is the first thing that you see when your bed goes down at night, and the first thing that you see when your alarm goes off in the morning. You want it to be in top shape.

Declutter your Surfaces

It’s time to take a look at all of the surfaces in your bedroom. This includes nightstands and armoires as well as desks and any other furniture. Reduce the clutter on surfaces such as your bedside table and dresser. Eliminating clutter from your bedroom will make it a sanctuary of calm and rest.

Make Your Bed

Make your bed every day. This simple task is quick and easy, and it makes a big visual impact. Your room will instantly feel better and the nightly rituals of removing the duvet are lovely.

Closet Organizing

If your closet and drawers are cluttered and spilling over, it will make it difficult to get ready in the morning. Your entire day will be influenced by how peaceful your bedroom is. Organize your closet if you have limited time.

Classify Your Clothes

Make a list of everything you own and get rid of any that you don’t use. Then organize the rest. Markland suggests dividing your clothes into different categories, such as tops, dresses and skirts. Then, color code your clothes within these categories.

Streamline Your Hangers

Switching to matching hangers is the best thing you can do for your closet. It instantly adds uniformity to your closet.

After you have purchased matching hangers, ensure that your clothes are hung uniformly. Wirick advises that you hang all your clothes facing the same direction and that the button-ups are closed. This keeps the appearance clean and simple.

Fold your drawers

File folding is a good way to organize your drawers. Fold your clothes in half and turn them sideways so the folded edges of each item are visible. File folding in drawers can save so much space. It will be easy to see all the details and it looks great.

Bathroom Organizing

Bathrooms are subject to a lot of wear and tear. The good news is that bathrooms are small and should be easy to clean up.

Stock up on Stackable Storage

Your bathroom storage setup is crucial when organizing it. Stackable storage bins are a great way to maximize your bathroom space. Stacking bins can be used to maximize the space under the sink. Do the same thing with stackable drawers. Add stackable cabinets to your bathroom cabinets to take full advantage of their height.

Use Drawer Dividers to Sort Your Stuff

Bathrooms are often filled with drawers. Drawer dividers are a good investment. Choose dividers that will fit inside your drawers. Taller drawers are paired with taller dividers.

Laundry Room Organizing

Although your laundry room might be hidden from view and mind, don’t forget it in your home organization.

Put clean clothes where they belong

Fold it and put it away if your laundry room is cluttered with dirty clothes. Keep doing this every time you do laundry. Put away all clean clothes as soon as they are dry. If there are piles of clothes waiting to be folded, laundry rooms can quickly feel cluttered. Make sure you have clear counters and appliances.

Keep your tools organized in containers

One of the best and quickest upgrades you can make to your laundry room is to organize your laundry tools in containers you love looking at. This will make it easier for you to find your favorite tools.

Tips to keep your home organized longer

Once your home is organized, make sure you keep it that way. You can repeat some of these steps every day, or at least every week. Every morning make your bed, wash your dishes every night and take out your dirty dishes.

Professional organizers say that organization requires maintenance just like cleaning your house. It takes less time to maintain a system that is well-designed.

Don’t be discouraged if things don’t go according to plan. You may feel discouraged if your project isn’t going as planned. This example may be used to confirm your organization’s inability to organize, which could lead you to believe that you aren’t organized.

So, congratulate yourself on your wins. Use setbacks to your advantage and set a new goal. Then, go back and try again.

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