Kitchen Organizing Tricks You Need To Know

It doesn’t matter how small or big your kitchen is, kitchen organizing could be challenging. From pantry and food items to small appliances, glassware, and utensils, there is a lot of things to organize in your kitchen. It could be difficult to determine how to store things like baking sheets, cutting boards, container lids, pot lids, food wraps, and more. And each kitchen possesses its own quirks, so you need to take those into account as well. If you are navigating small cabinets, lack of storage, or narrow drawers, there are many things you need to contend with if you are trying to keep your kitchen clean while also making everything you need still accessible.

Deal With Countertop Clutter

To wrangle all the canisters, kitchen tools, and condiments that are currently causing clutter on your kitchen countertops, find a tray to contain all these things. If every canister and jar is corralled on a tray, your kitchen would look a lot better and it will also be easier for you to get rid of the tray out of your way if you need more counter space. Here are a few tips from professional organizers in Myrtle Beach.

Add Turntables

In case your pantry is messy, it will be difficult for you to see the box mixes and condiments that are concealed near the back of the pantry shelves. So why don’t you invest in a few turntables? Place hot sauces and condiments on one and then use another for other supplies. If you are looking for something, you can just spin the turntable instead of moving all of the condiments on the shelf.

Buy Pan and Pot Holder

The cabinet of pans and pots is probably one of the most cluttered areas in your kitchen. In case you are looking for your favorite cast iron, you’d have to make a clumsy maneuver just to get what you need. Why not make things easier by buying a simple metal rack that will fit inside the cabinet. This item will give you a place where you can store each pot and lid.

Categorize Your Fridge

Bins and boxes are essential when it comes to home organizing. This applies to your refrigerator, too. Rather than leaving food out on your shelves, you can make it a lot easier to find what you need by grouping food using clear plastic bins. Keep cheese in one, bin for the yogurts, and then another one for the condiments.

Create Kitchen Hierarchy

One good way of organizing your kitchen is to create a hierarchy in your cabinets. Place the cups and plates you use all the time at the bottom of the shelves while those that you don’t use frequently could be stored on higher shelves. By doing so, everyday essentials can be reached easily and the children can easily help when it comes to setting the table.

Buy An Over The Sink Drying Rack

If you have a small kitchen, one good space-saving item is an over-the-sink drying rack. It will not take up space on your counter and it will allow water to drain right down the kitchen sink.

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