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Mess Is Stress

Your home should be your sanctuary, not a source of stress. The professional organizers of Brunswick Organizing Solutions will work with you to bring that sense of peace back to your home and allow you to gain control by helping you:

  • Learn how to let go of unnecessary items

  • Create a more Simplified and Orderly Life

  • Help with chronic disorganization

  • See the Rewards of Minimizing all the ‘stuff’ in our lives

  • Appreciate the More of Less

Organized Closet


Whether it is one problem area or your entire home, our Professional Team will work with you to purge and de-clutter, then create more efficient locations and systems for your items while maximizing your current space.

Organized Solutions


Instead of paying to move unwanted clutter allow us to work with you to purge unneeded items before packing your home. This saves money, plus allows you to start life fresh in your new home. You will discover fewer space and time constraints in locating your things.

office organization


We offer office/paper management services in order to sustain and improve efficiency and productivity in your residential home office or business office.  We can help with setting up filing systems that works for you, Tax Records, Strategies for bill management, Setting up routines for handling paperwork and office systems, Office space management and Time management (working more efficiently).

Pack it Up


Whether you are moving from one home to a smaller one, from one state to another, from a private home to a residential community, or just ready to reduce and de-clutter years of collecting, Brunswick Organizing Solutions can help!


You've always felt you should do it yourself. But you still haven't reached your goals. You don't have much to show for the hours and hours you've spent trying to get organized. Why not get some help? During an on-site visit, we roll up our sleeves and move past the overwhelm. At the end of our appointment, you'll see the results of our actions. You'll feel lighter, more positive, and more motivated to continue, either on your own or with more help.

Business Organizing or Packing/Unpacking Services

Home Organizing

Paper Organizing



Garage Organizing

Closet Design

Craft Rooms

Storage Areas

Storage Sheds

Kitchen Organizing

Move Management

Space Management

Organizing for Seniors

Vacation Home Organizing

Chronic Disorganization (ADD)

Paperwork and Document Management

Time Management

Assisting the ADD/ADHD client


Give your home a facelift

Large or small, we can organize it

We’ll work with your schedule

Organizing is hard work; it entails a change of heart, mind and action (Marilyn Paul)

Do you have a friend or loved one who could benefit from our services? 

Do you quandary over the perfect gift to present someone?


Consider the gift that will make a home smile, be it one room or a garage!

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