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Home staging is the process of decorating a house to highlight the best assets of a home, impress home buyers, and sell the property quickly at the highest price possible. Unfortunately, not all home sellers know or understand the importance of staging their homes. If you want to be at an advantage, here are a few tips when staging your home.

The Importance Of Home Staging

Home staging is not mandatory. If you are planning to take on a financial transaction that is as huge as selling a home then you can’t afford to be lazy, accept a lower selling price, or market the house longer than you need to.

Relative to the amount of money and time involved, staging a home could be one of the most profitable projects you will have. Homebuyers are not just searching for a structure where they can live. They want to improve their way of living and achieve their dreams. Home staging can help buyers find exactly what they’re looking for and help sellers close a deal.

Another benefit of home staging is the fact that homebuyers don’t want anything to do with pending repairs. If they see something that needs fixing, they’ll surely deduct the estimated cost of the repair from the seller’s offering price. If your home has too many issues, they’ll eventually walk away and look for another home.

Guide To Home Staging

Home staging is not only for those who have the cash to burn. You can still stage your home even if you are on a limited budget. You just have to concentrate on bigger improvements and on spaces that will have the biggest effect on the selling price of your home. These include areas like the entryway and exterior of your home, the living room, bathrooms, kitchen, master bedroom, and the outdoor space.

Here are a few things you can do in as many rooms in your house as possible.


Homebuyers love to see brand new appliances when they visit a house. But if you can’t afford to buy new ones, there’s something else you can do. You can make sure that the ones in the house are spotless clean. The bathroom should also be clean from the sink drain, corners of the tub, to the hidden spot behind the toilet. Your primary goal is to make everything look like almost brand new.

home stagingDeclutter

Clutter causes two problems. It distracts buyers and makes the house look like it does not have enough storage space. So make sure you declutter. Get rid of anything that you don’t need or all items that will make the house look cramped or messy.


You need to let homebuyers imagine themselves living in your house. This means you have to remove family photos and other items that are personal to you.

Get Rid Of Odors

Eliminate anything that gives the house a weird scent or a bad odor. You may be immune to how your home smells but homebuyers are not. You don’t want to discourage them from buying your house just because it stinks. You can use natural means of deodorizing your house like grinding a lemon in the garbage disposal or by using household sprays.

Define Rooms

Every room in your home must have a single and well defined purpose. Every space must also serve a purpose so that home buyer will see that you’ve maximized your home’s square footage.


Tear down the wallpaper in your home and paint the walls instead. Most homebuyers would rather see a fresh coat of paint on the walls rather than wallpapers that may have the designs that they don’t like.


If you don’t have hardwood floors then you should consider having one. It looks great and it adds value to your home. Even though they’re a bit pricey, hardwood floors require minimal maintenance and provide long term value to the owners.


Make the most out of natural light. When there are homebuyers, make sure that you open all blinds and curtains. Replace any broken lighting and clean all existing lighting fixtures you have at home.


The furniture must the appropriate size for the room where they have been placed. You should also avoid cluttering a room by placing too many furniture pieces in one area.

Walls and Ceilings

Make sure the walls and ceilings of your house are flawless. Any cracks, gaps, openings, and the like are all red flags to home buyers. Be sure to have all these fixed before you put your home into the market.


Your home’s exterior makes the first impression to your homebuyers. Your trees, hedges, lawn, and other plants must be well maintained. If they’re not, homebuyers will be put off and they won’t be interested in seeing what’s inside.

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