Tips to Make Moving Less Stressful

You will notice a pattern in the moving process if you move enough. The initial excitement is when you gather packing supplies and boxes, and get ready for the next few days of hard work.

Moving day finally arrives. It is a long, exhausting day of heavy lifting with the occasional hiccup. After all the work is done, you can relax in your new home for a moment before looking around at your boxes to see how much more you have to do. Meanwhile, life – jobs, kids, pets, etc. Your attention is still required for your family’s well-being.

It’s not surprising that many people find moving stressful.

It’s not all bad. In the end, it is usually a positive experience. It’s a fact that moving brings with it stress. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with it is better than letting it get you down.

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home organizing

Health Benefits Of Home Organizing

People are more concerned about their mental health than ever. It’s common for people to experience anxiety, depression, and feeling overwhelmed. It is more important than ever to do all you can to ensure your mental health. Even small changes can make a huge difference in our wellbeing. There are so many things that we cannot control and triggers that can cause us to be stressed. This is especially true if you work towards a clean, organized home. Here are some benefits of home organizing.

Although it may seem simple, the results can be amazing! These are the top eight mental benefits of a well-organized home that will motivate you to organize your home.

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home staging


The term home staging wasn’t that common back in the 1990s. People knew that a house must look its best first before it’s put on the market. However, homeowners associated this with washing dirty dishes, tidying up the closet, and the like.

Home staging has evolved over the past 30 years. Thanks to the help of professional organizers, it has become a highly sought after service, especially within the real estate industry. Below are some tips on how to stage your home’s living room. In case you can’t do these things on your own, you always have the option to hire a home stager.

Living Room Home Staging Basics

Paint Your Living Room

You might think that repainting your house before you move is a tiring job. But if the color of the walls is other than light and neutral, you seriously have to reconsider. Neutrals can make any room look brighter and cleaner, not to mention, that it’s almost always preferred by home buyers.

Always remember that when you sell your home, it will no longer be about what you want. It is going to be about the buyers. If you want to sell your house right away at your preferred price, it needs to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible and one of the best ways to do it is by choosing neutral colors. Additionally, adding a fresh coat of paint to your home makes it look cleaner, which is vital when it comes to home staging.

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professional organizer

Is It Time To Hire A Professional Organizer

You’ve created your own company, which was once only a dream. You have worked hard, found clients, organized your stuff, and now you are on your way. Your little business has grown to the point that you are able to make a living, but you have already maxed out your earning potential and your time. You might be ready to employ a professional organizer.

Why Hire Help?

You may be uncomfortable with the idea of hiring someone if you have gotten used to working alone. But you can accomplish more with less time if you hire a professional organizer. You can get more done in a shorter time. You can spend less time at work, which allows you to finish jobs quicker, return home sooner to your family, and take breaks as needed. Although it is scary to give up control, it can have amazing benefits for your business.

Here are the signs to hire a professional organizer

There is more work than you can do on your own.

Your business is booming, and many of your clients are looking to have their entire houses remodeled. It’s a pleasure to do this, but it will take up weeks to complete one client for 40 hours. This leaves you little time for your other clients.

Depending on who you hire, it will be possible to do two jobs at once or speed up the big jobs, which can allow you more time for your clients.

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professional organizer

Professional Organizer

Are you thinking about getting a professional organizer? There are five times when it is absolutely essential to get professional help. A professional organizer is available to help you relieve stress, whether your life is in transition or moving.

Why Hire a Professional Organizer

1. Are you moving or renovating?

Sometimes people are surprised to learn that we provide moving services. It’s great to purge before moving. You don’t have to pay someone else to help you move your clutter. For a hassle-free move, we also help you pack and label your belongings.

We are able to help you arrange your storage units so that everything is accessible throughout a remodel. What is our favorite part about moving? Helping with the packing process, whether that’s in your kitchen, in closets, or taking over the entire job of moving in, without ever looking at a box.

2. Too busy or don’t want to organize

It might be time for a home organizer if you need to declutter your home but don’t know where to start. It is important to save time. Hire someone if you are looking to declutter and organize but don’t have the time. Many of our clients are willing to jump in for sessions when they need us. A monthly update can make a big difference. Our passion is helping people, including CEOs and busy families, stay organized.

3. A major life transition is happening for you or someone you love

You might be going through some major changes in your life. Perhaps you are an empty nester looking to downsize or recently divorced, and want to make some changes in your life. Our team loves to help mamas with nursery design and keeping track of their children’s sizes. We often assist clients after a loss and leave behind their possessions.

4. Are You Ready to Digitize?

Are you fed up with all the paperwork? Are you overwhelmed by boxes full of photographs? Is your inbox a mess? A professional organizer may be the best choice if you are looking to take on any of these tasks. To help clients organize their digital lives and stay organized, we work at their pace.

5. It is important to have someone hold you accountable

Clients often say, “I wouldn’t have done that if you weren’t here”, and we agree! Like how you work out harder in a gym with someone you can trust, it’s important to have somebody to keep you accountable.

Call Brunswick Organizing Solutions now if you need the help of a professional when decluttering and organizing your home.

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home organizing

Daily Home Organizing Tips

Although it is easy to imagine being organized, sometimes it can be difficult to get started. What does it mean to be more organized? It could be knowing exactly where you are, being prepared, and arriving at your destination on time. It all boils down to feeling in control of your life. Although you might not feel organized 100% of the time, it is possible to develop good home organizing habits and establish a solid routine that will help you feel more organized.

10 Daily Home Organizing Tips

Keep your keys and phone in the same spot

Keep your keys, wallets, phones, headphones, and any other accessories that you use every day in one place near the door. You should have a place in your entranceway for these items. This will ensure that you don’t run around looking for your keys or phone when you’re running late for work.

Make a Checklist or Task List

Every day, make a new list based on your previous day’s list. Also, include any items that have come up since the last one was made. Even if your list-making skills are limited and you only keep track of the major projects, you can look at your daily to-do list every day and mark off any tasks that you have completed. This will help you stay on top of your tasks and will make you feel more productive once you’ve completed the item.

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Garage Organization and Storage Solutions

The reason you found this article is probably because you are planning a home improvement or garage organization project. If you have too many things, including power tools and you or another family member continues to buy more stuff, and you find that your garage is easily filled with clutter. Does it seem like you’re unable to control it?

Don’t lose hope because there is still something you can do. Make a garage improvement plan that includes organizing everything that you store in your garage. Your garage is not a storage room so you may want to spend time looking through everything inside your garage to actually make room for your car.

Here are some quick and easy home improvement storage solutions that you can implement in your garage:

1. Wall shelves
If you have extra shelves that you have installed in your kitchen, consider installing these on your garage walls as well. Don’t forget to measure how much space you need for your car – including additional space for you to move around your car – before you install the shelves. If you own one car and have a large garage, consider the possibility of having another car in the garage, which could happen when your friends come over and spend the night or the weekend at your house.

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kitchen organizing

A Step-by-Step Guide To Kitchen Organizing

Are you planning a kitchen organizing project? Here are a few things you need to know.

Kitchen Organizing Tips

1. Clear Out All Your Kitchen Cabinets

All of your kitchen drawers and cabinets should be cleared of all contents. You should start with your food cupboards. Throw away anything that has been unused for six months or more. Next, empty your kitchen belongings onto an island, tabletop, or table.

2. Clean The Cabinets

Make sure to clean out your drawers and cupboards while they are empty. An excellent way to tidy up the empty cupboards is by adding a little Dawn dish soap in a tub of warm water and a sponge. The dish soap will remove any oily residue or sticky residue from the shelves, and leave a clean feeling. Only clean one shelf at a time. Dry the shelves thoroughly after each cleaning.

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bathroom organizing

Bathroom Organizing Ideas

All bathrooms can be organized, regardless of size. Because some bathrooms are often smaller, they can be more difficult to organize. There are some basic organizing principles that every bathroom should adhere to. You want a place that is able to store your toilet paper, towels and toothbrushes and still looks neat and tidy. Here are some bathroom organizing tips you need to know.

Bathroom Organizing Ideas To Make The Most Out Of Your Space

A Shelving Unit can be added above the toilet.

Many companies offer shelving units that can fit over standard-sized toilets. These units are often quite basic in design. You can also build open shelves to add storage above the toilet. You have more options to match your shelving design with your home décor if you do it yourself.

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Decluttering Tips For Airbnb and Short Term Rental Owners


decluttering for rent

declutter for rent

Airbnb currently has 4 million listings worldwide, with 650,000 in the United States. These short-term rental sites offer property owners a high turnover and easy income. It is best to think like a hotel manager when depersonalizing and decluttering your house. Simple and clean. Guests are aware that they’re staying at someone else’s house, but they also want to feel like they’re living in their own home.

Decluttering and organizing a vacation rental means removing all items that make guests uncomfortable or those that would make them feel as though they’re violating your personal space. You can easily do this if the place you’re renting out isn’t your primary residence. However, it is also possible to do this even if you live there. Here are some tips to make your rentals more comfortable.

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